Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secret Garden (Chrome Film)

Inspired by and named after the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett - "The Secret Garden" Shot this a few months ago!

It's my friend Anna Tucker and her gorgeous tights!

She had the flower behind her ear all day and we were walking down this stone path. I look down in the viewfinder of my Mamiya C330 and see her legs against the stone and HAD to shoot it!

I love the tonality of it all, very summery.

Camera - Mamiya C330
Film - Kodak Ektachrome Daylight Balanced
Processing: E6


  1. beautimas!!! the tights really make this one special - the tones of her skin against the black pattern really cut through the pretty setting and just make it stunning. well done!

  2. Brandon, I love this photo! It is incredibly elegant. I love how the pattern of the tights almost mimic the pattern that the stone pathway creates. It all ties together so wonderfully. Quite an eye for spontaneous captures!

  3. beautiful!!! love the detail of the tights and the little pop of color with the flower!

  4. The detail you have his awesome and you have it lit really well.