Monday, May 30, 2011


Lomography by Brandon Christopher Warren
Lomography, a photo by Brandon Christopher Warren on Flickr.

So today our assignment in class was to come up with a triptych, my friends all have lomo cameras so I decided I'd do a Lomo ad.

The ever wondrous Walker Anderson and Kayleigh Mezger were my respective models. The Diana F+ on the bag belongs to Walker, and the black Holga 135BC belongs to Kayleigh!

Hope you guys like the final product!

Friday, May 27, 2011

1 Hour, 1 Can, Behind the Scenes.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the can shoots the other morning!!

I'll post links to other's can images from the morning if they post them!

My team consisted of Lee Goings, Molly Mullin (mosettastone), and Kyle McManus, it was great working on a team, my final shot is in the post below this one.

One Shot

One Shot by Brandon Christopher Warren
One Shot, a photo by Brandon Christopher Warren on Flickr.

We were given 15 minutes each for our Product lighting class(1 hour shoot time split for a 4 person team, each having to come up with their own composition and lighting and location) to take an outdoor shot of a can and make it look nice.

This was the outcome for me! Hope you guys like it!

Here's the Lighting set up!

Memories in Full Frame (Chrome Film)

This is a full frame shot from the shoot I did with mi madre a few weeks ago, This was taken at the house I first lived in, which is now in disarray, my great grandmother lived there before the 80s, then my parents till '95. Now nobody lives there and it's falling apart.

This was shot on Kodak E100G Film with a Mamiya C330.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Life Worth Living (Chrome Film)

A shot of my mom from a few weeks ago, This shot was on E100G Ektachrome Film with a Mamiya C330 Twin Lens.

This was actually double exposed originally, so the shot was ruined, when i came back home I decided I really wanted to reshoot it, and I'm glad I did. I am absolutely in love with the tones in this image.

This is a bit outside my normal style, I was shooting for more of a fine art look with this shot and less in terms of the "magical" look that I'm typically recognized by.

I hope you guys really enjoy it!

Forgetting the Words to Your Favorite Song

"It's like forgetting,
The words,
To your favorite song.
You can't believe it,
You were always singin' along." - Eet by Regina Spektor

This is my good friend and Classmate Kayleigh, she is Regina Spektor's double.

This was actually shot today for class, we were given an hour to shoot and edit a self promo. Switched it up and used a Lensbaby Control Freak lens kit on my Mark II. This was the shot I did of Kayleigh.

She photographs amazingly, and I can't wait to get to do more of her when we have a longer time period than 30 minutes to find a location and shoot!